Datalab focuses on data processing and presenting data in a usable way. Our website keep track of US and Hong Kong stock / property market, all made available for the general public and private investors for research purpose.

Datalab 專注於數據處理及提高數據的可用性。我們記錄香港及美國的股市和樓市數據,供投資者作研究用途。

Hong Kong Stock Market Breadth (香港股市市寬)
香港股市市寬: 觀察香港股市每日股份升跌比例,洞悉市場方向
Hong Kong Property Market Breadth (香港樓市市寬)
香港樓市市寬: 觀察香港一百大屋苑每週升跌比例,先悉樓價走勢

NYSE Stock Market Breadth 紐約交易所市寬

NASDAQ Stock Market Breadth 納斯達克市寬

Trade Data 交易數據

Trading System Test 交易系統測試