Hong Kong Stock Market Breadth 港股市寬

Market Breadth is A technique used in technical analysis that attempts to gauge the direction of the overall market by analyzing the number of companies advancing relative to the number declining. Positive market breadth occurs when more companies are moving higher than are moving lower, and it is used to suggest that the bulls are in control of the momentum. Conversely, a disproportional number of declining securities is used to confirm bearish momentum.

(The graph) Hang Seng Index; (Bottom graph) Line chart showing Moving Average (15 days) of percentage (%) of advancing stocks. The two grey bands are "zone" between which the moving average operates as an oscillating signal.

市場寬度通過對價格上升和下降的股票數目的統計,來衡量整體市場的狀態。當越來越多企業的股價上升,市場寬度指數便越高,該股市的指數表現便越好。反之,當大量企業的股價越來越低, 該股市的指數的下跌勢頭便非常明顯。

(上圖)恆生指數; (下圖)上升股份比例的15天移動平均值。兩個灰色帶區為移動平均值所活動的區間,當平均值達到區間頂部,該股市的指數通常會作出調整。